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January 8, 2018

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The Case for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

February 25, 2018

As we reach the limits with today’s technology in our electronics, where do we go next? The answer is to lift the barriers that prevent us from developing smaller, more powerful, and more energy-responsible electronics. With this goal in mind, a new frontier has emerged: Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductors.


The impact of implementing WBG semiconductors would result in substantial economic savings. WBG semiconductors:


  • Can operate at temperatures of over 300 degrees, reducing the costs required for cooling s
    ystems and overheating-related repairs

  • Handle 10 times higher voltages, allowing new technologies to utilize higher power without needing more material

  • Operate with over 90 percent increased power efficiency by reducing the ambient power loss compared to current technology

These advantages will allow electronics to be developed and sold at a lower cost while also saving users billions of dollars in energy.


Superior Characteristics

Diamond is known to be the "Ultimate Wide Bandgap semiconductor material" due to its inherent properties. Its ability to conduct heat far surpasses that of materials used on current electronics (five times better than copper, 22 times better than silicon).


It also has the unique ability to isolate massive voltages with a small fraction of the material required compared to present technologies. In isolating 10,000V, the amount of diamond needed is 50 times less than that of silicon. These attributes present diamond to be the ideal successor technology.



Read more by visiting; www.akhansemi.com/technology.html



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